Omaha Skyline Photo Makes it to National Magazine

Friends, I just wanted to share a photo of mine that made it all the way to Businessweek Magazine! Below is the text of the original email I was sent as notification. The image itself was part of a photo shoot I did in February with a friend of mine, Larry. There were ice chunks floating in the river below us. It was NASTY cold, but we persevered and ended up with some great shots.

Wanted to share with you that one of your photos made into business week!

Also, I wanted to see if you ever got paid for the last photo we purchased. I’m worried I forgot to turn the invoice in…I stumbled on the email when I was searching for your address.
Kim S
Manager – Communications, Graphic Design
Greater Omaha Chamber
(402) 978-7919
Fax: (402) 408-0367