Buy the Numbers

Who are We?

Buy the Numbers Marketing exists to help companies take the guesswork out of their budgeting. So many people I’ve talked with are sick of throwing money at unknown ideas or frustrated because they have no idea whether or not they got any return on their marketing investment (let alone those who are livid because they know their marketing plan is failing them).

As a licensed Guerrilla Marketing instructor, our firm can help you turn your marketing plan into a data driven asset for your business. We will focus your marketing plan into the 4 key pieces to the puzzle: the target, the message, the tactic and the evaluation. As long as you are willing to adapt to an ever-changing consumer base, your success will be limitless. We are able to help your company regardless your location, so call today at 402.301.6987 to stop playing guessing games with your hard earned marketing dollars!

Why Care About the Numbers?

While attending baseball games, one cannot avoid being smacked in the face at a seemingly constant stream of statistics. “In June 2010, Felix Hernandez won the American League Pitcher of the Month Award for his flawless portrayal of Felix the Cat in the local theater’s rendition of Rent 3D: Alley Cat. This was his 5th AL PoM Award in 6 possible months.” Obviously that means he had a good year. You know he did well because NUMBERS DON’T LIE, at least not like your Uncle Herbert.

So what? Here’s why: it’s all about the numbers. If you need to know how many baseballs you need to sell in order to keep your store open, you must rely on the numbers. Take a look at this – did you know that the average operating budget for a Major League team was $84 million dollars in 2009? The Seattle Mariners’ budget was at $98 million. Their average ticket price was $30. So how many seats did they need to sell to cover their expenses? Knowing they play 82 home games, the equation becomes simple:

(# of tickets sold x $30) x 82 games = ticket income If ticket income had to match operating expenses, the equation would look like this: 98,000,000 / 82 = 1,195,122 (income needed per game) / 30 = 39,837 (seats that must be filled)

What Does this Matter in my Marketing?

Safeco Field has a seating capacity of 47,878 for baseball games. That means Safeco would have to be at least 83% full each home game to make budget. In 2009 (according to ESPN), Seattle averaged 27,116 tickets sold per game. Going back to the original equation, that means Seattle pulled in $66,705,360 in ticket income in 2009. Put that into the next equation: income – expenses = profit. $66,705,360 – $98,000,000 = $-31,294,640

OUCH! It’s a good thing they have other ways of generating income. Do you? Do you know what your income needs are and where they are coming from? The moral of the story is this: numbers are cold, hard, and factual. They will tell you the real story of your business in a way that would make J.K. Rowling look like your Uncle Herbert. Use them, do not be afraid of them, hate them, but above all trust them. The best businesses know it’s all about the numbers.

How Do I Contact You?

Regardless of your current location, I can help. Call me at 239.214.6802 to talk about how you can stop making guesses in marketing and make each decision count positively towards your profit line.

And, by the way, the prize is a cup of coffee and a pleasant conversation.

One thought on “Buy the Numbers

  1. I’ll take you up on your offer of Coffee but it will have to be here in Seattle. Phil I learned GM from you and use it every day in my job. Im a non profit at that finding jobs for people with dual diagnose of cognitive and mental health. Wish you were back her and congrats.

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