Sales Explosion | Linda Panattoni of At Work Credits Pro/Vision Coaching with Placement Success

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Linda has consistently been a solid producer for her non-profit organization, At Work, where she is a job placement specialist for people with developmental disabilities. She believes thoroughly in networking for her business, which is where we met her.

Linda became one of our first Academy clients, starting in the Networking 4 Introverts support group as well as taking the Time Management Workshop. Through those tools and the time she has spent with myself (Phil) and Paul, she has seen a significant increase in her time efficiency and marketing presentation, both of which have led to a major upswing in job placements.

Over the last few months Linda has gone absolutely gangbusters and all of us here at Pro/Vision Coaching are super excited for her and the continued success headed her way. We look forward to a continual relationship with her, as she has not only become a client, but a friend. Congrats, Linda!

3 thoughts on “Sales Explosion | Linda Panattoni of At Work Credits Pro/Vision Coaching with Placement Success

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  2. Oh so long ago. Now I am the Vocational Job Developer at Sound Mental Health and all that training has paid off. I just got a call today from a business who wants to hire two of my clients. Friday I have another huge business meeting. Phil, you taught me so much. I have been super successful placing clients with dual diagnose disabilities and averaging 2 jobs a month for them. I am not doing it cold calling. It has all been relationship building. Getting to know the decision makers prior to then deciding they need my service. It is so awesome. Oh and about that Market Plan I still owe you,… my targets are still Chamber and Rotary and yes it is all paying off. Miss you.

    • Linda, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for those kind words. I miss you too and hold close all my dear friends in the PNW. There will always be a room available at our house if you visit Florida. 🙂

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