JM Web Designs’ Marketing Director Appointed President of Local BNI Chapter

Originally posted at JM Web Designs.

Phil Stalnaker was recently appointed as President of his local Business Networking International [BNI] Chapter, Network Connections.  Since joining the chapter in October of 2008, he has shown advanced leadership through superior performance, high commitment to attendance, and a marked desire to go above and beyond his expectations.

BNI is a member group with one member per industry allowed per chapter in order to eliminate competition.  This is a structured group with their focus on “Givers Gain”, which means that you are expected to give to all members in the group, which in turn means that you will receive from all members of the group.

“I am excited to take my turn as leader of such a great group of people.  Their commitment to each other and the group as a whole will make my tenure as President fun and rewarding.”  Phil has committed to a one year stint as President and will be evaluated on the number of members and quality of referrals passed back and forth.  Since serving as the chapter’s Educational Coordinator (he began that role in January of 2009), he feels that he has been allowed to step into the Presidency easily, with significant time to learn his responsibilities.

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